About Us

When did we launch?

August 1, 2021 

Where are we located?

Fresno, ca 

 Where did the passion behind silk come from?

Women in Our family have slept with silk for generations, From silk scarfs to silk pillowcases. We wanted to share the best kept beauty secret and make it affordable for everyone to experience the luxury sleeping with silk.

We also personally struggle with acne prone skin and did research to find out the silk is amazing for helping prevent breakouts and is also better on your skin at night than cotton is.

What is Mulberry silk?

Mulberry silk is one of the best silks you can purchase in the world.

Is satin & silk the same?

ABSOLUTLEY NOT; Satin is made from chemicals, polyester, cotton and etc.  When satin is burned it smells like plastic, why?  because it basically is. Satin has a soft surface but does not carry the natural benefits that silk does.

More about us 

Sleep Silk specializes in providing TOP TIER silk pillowcases & customizing the pillowcases as well, we are very involved throughout the entire process. Silk pillowcases and packaging from Sleep Silk LLC are all handpicked and designed by us and one of a kind. 

Healthy Hair, Skin & Sleep Starts here!


Sakyra Smith, CEO